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Dubai creek

Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek, also known as Khor Duba, is a natural saltwater inlet that divides the city of Dubai into two main areas: Deira and Bur Dubai. It has played a crucial role in the development of Dubai, serving as a focal point for trade and commerce for centuries. A visit to Deira, Dubai Creek, and Bur Dubai will let you experience the roots of Emirati tradition. Dubai Creek’s site and all its nearby settlements are still preserved in their natural state. The Dubai creek can be considered as the lifeline of Dubai. For about a century, the creek stood as the city’s only port, playing a crucial role in establishing Dubai’s commercial position. This article will give you an overview of Dubai Creek and its neighboring settlements. 

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The History

The Creek was known as River Zara among ancient Greeks. In its original state, Dubai Creek ran southeast and ended at Ras Al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Since the mid-19th century, Dubai Creek has played a crucial role in the growth of Dubai City which flourished with maritime trade, pearling, and fishing. Dubai’s connection to the rest of the world began through this water inlet. The Creek attracted traders from East Africa, Persia, India, and the Arabian Peninsula. The settlements along the Creek grew into a commercial hub involved in the trade of pearls, gold, textiles, and spices. Dubai Creek was an important pearl diving center thousands of years ago and was a major occupation back then. Till the early 20th century Dubai pearls were high in demand. Gradually the importance of Dubai Creek as a port diminished with the establishment of major ports. 


Till 1963, the only way to cross the Creek was using an abra, a small wooden boat. In 1963 the first bridge across Dubai Creek, Al Maktoum Bridge, was built which connected Bur Dubai and Deira. The Abras are still a means of transport and a favorite tourist activity. The small wooden boats can hold around 20 passengers. The Abra ride gives you spectacular views of old Dubai its traditional houses, wind towers, and minarets. It is a top activity to try if you are visiting Deira or nearby places. Enjoy the Abra ride that begins from Deira Old Souk Abra Station by staying at top hotels in Deira like the Grand Excelsior Hotel Deira.

Recent Development

The recent development in Dubai Creek is the construction of the landmark project Dubai Creek Tower. The new tower which is under construction is said to surpass Burj Khalifa the present tallest building. The tower is located near Ras Al Khor National Wildlife Sanctuary. The construction of the Dubai Creek tower is scheduled to be completed in 2025. 

To Wrap Up

Dubai has developed from a tiny commercial settlement into a bustling global metropolis but its original core on the banks of the creek still preserves its old essence. Dubai Creek which favoured the growth of Dubai as an international hub, has managed to preserve their appearance, commercial function, and regional significance. Let Deira be your gateway to explore the old Dubai. Stay at the finest hotels in Deira like the Grand Excelsior Hotel and experience the true essence of the city.

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